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Why to Choose Multicube?


We develop advanced turnkey solutions to ensure our equipments and machineries provides tangible, long-term benefits.


We continually innovate to deliver significant cost advantages, greater energy efficiencies and complete satisfaction.


We are committed to building lasting relationships by operating as a reliable, responsive and proactive organisation.


By operating with integrity & transparency at all times, we are committed to delivering outstanding customer care.

Multicube Technologies is an Authorized distributor for

MULTICUBE TECHNOLOGIES believes innovation and discovery which makes huge impact on future for engineering & technological solutions. MULTICUBE TECHNOLOGIES is a multi-disciplinary company with wide range of products covering latest innovative products and it's solutions.

PSA Nitrogen Generators


Nano purification solutions (International brand-from UK)

PSA Oxygen Generators


Multicube(Importing, fabricating and assembling)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber - OxyBariCure


Multicube Technologies is the specialized Manufacturer of HBOT Chambers

Cylinder Filling


Dinatec (International brand-from Brazil)

Objective of Our Organization

To delight our customers with updated technology at an acceptable cost to serve our industry by careful maintenance and regular services in mind. The timely and emergency services will be the prime objective, irrespective of hurdles that are put in front of us. Sharing the technology and knowledge we gained in the past with our customers for the betterment of our clients and society is the identity of Multicube. We build up customer relationships to enhance our slogan.


With leading edge technology and decades of years of experience, MULTICUBE TECHNOLOGIES is your world-class product distributor of state-of-the-art gas solutions(Oxygen, Nitrogen) to healthcare and other industries.

Our commitment at MULTICUBE is to work alongside each customer to provide unique solutions with the highest quality products to solve your specific challenges.

A wealth of experience and leading edge products are only part of the equation. At MULTICUBE we realize that world-class customer service is the most important component to any successful business.



Our machines and their performance is paramount to our and our customer’s satisfaction. We design, install our equipment to provide many years of strong performance without requiring major servicing or overhaul. Efficiency of our process is another gauge of product performance and we continue to improve the product efficiency by continuous R&D. We believe unless our products perform well and serve our customers well, we will not remain successful in future.


Quality remains our top-most priority and we continue to look for ways to improve our quality by taking incremental steps. We believe that our product quality and process quality allows us to differentiate from our lower cost and lower quality competitors. This is our strong belief which will propel us into a future of continued success.


Innovation and discovery is the key to a company’s future. We spend a lot of our time in R&D, ensuring that our processes, methods, technology all continue to evolve. Innovation and discovery to us means – improve performance, increase reliability, make our products more durable and rugged and continuous cost reduction by more efficient sourcing and engineering improvements. We will perish unless we innovate. This drives us to never stop innovating and discovering.


Multicube Technologies has a stellar reputation built one customer at a time over decades. This means a lot to us and we are aware that losing face with even one customer is a very high price to pay. We go to extreme lengths to make sure that our customers remain satisfied with our products, services and after-sales support.